Turkey, Uşak-Eşme, Güney-Balabancı

Orogenical-MesotermalGold Mineralization



Gulay Sezerer Kuru, CPG-11912

gsk consulting & lab.





Ahmet EFE

        Cumhuriyet University,  GEOLOGY Department, Sivas, Turkey


The study area is located between Güney and Balabancı villages of Eşme district of Usak province named as the Menderes Massif are consists of rocks formed under different metamorphic facies conditions in Western Anatolia region of  Turkey. Gold mineralization are observed in the quartz veins with larger crystalline and epithermal structures that cut through the metamorphic rocks are usually found in brecciated zones (hydrothermal breccia, tectonic breccia). The gold mineralization, in the form of scattered, stockwork, filled with and fracture-faults in the quarz veins and silicified metamorphic rocks.Gold bearing quartz veins and quartz zones in the metamorphic host rock which are parallel to the foliation planes of the metamorphic rocks, contains of some fluid inclusion assamblages, (FIAs) with high temperature, carbon dioxide and high salinity liquid inclusions indicating metamorphic water. Some gold mineralization are visible in the epithermal-hydrothermal quartz and the gold mineralization are composite of mercury, platinum group minerals and silver composite. The gold mineralization in this study,  are formed under the metamorphism conditions that formed during the Alpine oregenesis and hydrothermal-epithermal conditions after the alpine orogeny. The gold mineralization values are 3 ppm on average in quartz veins and silisified metamorphic.