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After the graduation from Engineering Faculty of Geology Department, Cumhuriyet University in 1989 with honours degree, I have worked on various field and laboratory studies for both domestic and foreign projects (the projects including nearly all cities in Turkey, and in European countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France together with America, Africa and Asia, particularly Mongolia) with the help of Msc., post-graduate course and Ph.D programmes. I have been working since 28 years as an expert with an academic level in the field of research, exploration for metallic and/or ore deposits. I worked as an expert/researcher in the field of Mineral Deposits and Geochemistry for the Ministry of Energy, General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, government consultant company is in Turkey,  in addition some Universities such as Istanbul University and Suleyman Demirel University and Ankara University, etc.) and as a supervisor and instructor for the relevant institutions of the Turkish Ministry of Energy  such as Boron Research Center of Etibank and   Turkish Ministry of Energy, General Directorate of Mineral Law Works (MIGEM). I have worked as an expert/researcher on Sivas and Malatya Region Directorates of Mineral Research and Exploration and some foreign universities and research institutions (Virginia Tech University, USA; Bern University, Switzerland; Granada University, Spain) and in the  some National Research Councils such as CNR, Italy; CNRS, France; Tanzania Mineralogical Research Center (TMMA), Tanzania;and in the Geosciences Research Center of Mongolia, Mongolia, etc.) . I have worked on tha national and internationa of  the government organizations of mining  and private companies of mining since 1989. I have published  my scientific papers in international and national and my books and  the geoscientific reports.  I have  established two companies and one labrotary regarding geoscientist and  I have been manager, faunder of these companies. My specialist subjects are such as qualitative and qualitative analysis and mineralogical-petrological, petrographical determination of the rocks; petrography and petrology for all of rocks types in world and meteorites, sedimantary rocks-magmatic rocks -metamorphic rocks-ultramafic-mafic rocks and alteration petrography for mineral exploration and geology and ore geology mapping and  logging and porphyr-skarn, iron-oxide base metal precious;Au-Pt group, ag) etc., and the evalution of the geochemical analysis and the making ore geology reports at international code such as jorc, samrec, N1-140.. etc., and geochemical prospection, ore microscopy for ore mineral identification, paragenesis, size of mineral and other analysis, fluid inclusion studies for mineral exploration and determination formation conditions of mineral deposit, the geological mapping by image landsat and air photos , field study and geological mapping scale of 1/25 000, mapping of underground,  the control of drilling and limit of drilling, qualitative and qantitative analysis and classification and petrological-petrographical analysis of ore minerals and host rock, preparing reports pre-detail prospection of geology-ore geology on the base metal deposit, gold mineralization and etc., I have 28 years experiences on ore geology  and I am an european federation  geolgist, SEG M 2017. and I am european federation geologist

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